Al Hiba Intellectual Property has successfully registered hundreds of designs of all kinds before the Patent Offices of countries where we operate. Our extensive experience in this domain enabled us to proficiently provide our clients with the right advice on the protection of their designs, along with the all the relative aspects of laws and practices. We also have significant experience in obtaining design protection for products of the cutting-edge technology, like user interfaces, smart device products, etc.

1- Design Advice
Providing free advice on the best practices to identify, protect and enforce design protection.

2- Design Prosecution

Preparing design application in the best way possible according to the relative rules and regulations, and filing the applications with special attention on the deadline regardless, no matter how huge the number of applications is.

3- Maintenance/ Annuities

Updating our internal database of upcoming annuities and sending timely reminders; Attending payments in due course; Reporting the client of payment with official proof.

4- Recordals for Patents/ Patent Applications

Recordal of assignment, merger agreements, licenses, change of name/address and making the registration/application in the right legal status.

protecting originality is our job


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